My story

Hello and welcome!

My name is Aleks and I have been passionate about wildlife photography for almost 8 years. My wife has pulled me into this fascinating “mess” and now she does not know how to get me out of it, besides, I am stronger 💪🏼 than her and I do resist. 😁

We are based in Latvia, — a small and still green country with rich flora and fauna in the North of Eastern Europe.

As a person who loves nature and learned how to use a professional camera, I always plan my travel routes with a touch of “wild nature”. All what you will see here — is what I saw through the viewfinder of my camera while travelling around Latvia and Europe. 

Everything what you will read here — is my subjective opinion, which I try to back up with scientific literature and my own observations.

So, if you love nature and wildlife, — I hope you will enjoy it through my photos and videos! 😉

As a wildlife photographer you should always keep the most important thing in mind — Ethics